Using RemoteApps on Surface RT (Windows RT)

2012-Nov-05 | Tags: appshowtoserversurface-rtsystem

Windows on ARMRemoteApps aren't a new feature in Windows 8, they've actually been around since Windows Vista. RemoteApps are similar to Remote Desktop sessions, but instead of the entire remote experience in a single full-screen window, individual application windows are displayed on the remote machine. RemoteApp windows live on the same desktop and can be used alongside of local desktop apps.

RemoteApps even have separate taskbar entries for each window, and a small icon indicating they are running remotely. For the most part, RemoteApps act very similarly to local apps, even touch and pen input is redirected as appropriate, thanks to the many improvements in RDP 8.0 for Windows 8.

Setting up RemoteApps for a single user (e.g. personal use) requires the following:

A Windows Server installation. While Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 may work, I’m using Server 2012 Standard which will have a better touch experience.

A RemoteApp client. Windows XP and higher can access RemoteApps, so you aren’t limited to Windows 8 or Windows RT.

I recommend installing Windows Server 2012 in a Virtual Machine, potentially with RemoteFX enabled on the VM server. Neither are requirements though, so any Server 2012 installation should work just fine.

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