Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Windows RT

2012-Nov-03 | Tags: development

Windows on ARMThe Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Windows RT is software development toolkit that enables Windows RT developers to support applications on Windows RT platforms, Foxit Embedded PDF SDK allows developers to leverage PDF technology to securely display, search, and annotate PDF documents and to fill PDF forms.

The Foxit Embedded PDF SDK provides the following for the Windows platform:

  • Advanced PDF feature sets in modular packages.
  • Cross platform PDF library, making it easy to extend application support to other platforms.
  • A library package specifically built and tested on Windows RT. Windows RT will only run applications certified by Microsoft and placed in the Windows Store - apps built upon the Foxit Embedded PDF SDK have successfully passed Windows App Certification Kit testing.
  • A set of PDF demos built on the target platform demonstrating features and effects of the SDK running on Windows RT.
  • Sample code showing developers how to setup projects using the Foxit Embedded PDF SDK on Windows RT.


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