The one fatal flaw of Windows RT

2012-Nov-02 | Tags: compatibilitycriticismsystem

Windows on ARMI've been using the Surface RT tablet for a week now, and so far I have found a lot to like about it. In many ways, it is a more functional mobile productivity device out of the box than the iPad or other tablets. However, it has a distinct Achilles heel that will render it useless for many: VPN.

The Surface RT has a solid, comfortable feel. The kickstand, combined with a touch or type case turn the tablet essentially into an ultrabook of sorts. There's definitely something to be said for having a mobile device that provides an experience consistent with Windows 8 on a desktop, and that comes with the familiar Office apps built in.

Microsoft has woven access to cloud-based file storage into Windows 8 and Windows RT using its own SkyDrive service, and Box has taken the initiative to develop its own Windows RT app. Access to cloud data makes it easy to transition from desktop to mobile device without losing productivity. I can start a document at my desk, and pick up where I left off to finish the job while I'm on the go.

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