I love Windows 8, but Surface RT is for early adopters and developers

2012-Oct-27 | Tags: criticismdevelopmentsurface-rt

Windows on ARMSummary: Surface RT has too many limitations to make it practical for me to own an ARM-based Microsoft Windows Tablet today. But that will change over time.

Windows 8 has now been unleashed on the world. Many of us have been using it for up to a year in pre-release form, watching Microsoft's latest OS evolve into a finished product.

I was wary at first of the sweeping changes that Microsoft was introducing all at once. I even had some legitimate concerns that the Redmond software giant was setting itself up for failure because what it was attempting to do was simply just too radical.

Microsoft Surface RT

Obviously, if you've been reading any of my most recent material, I've mellowed out since writing these pieces. I've had a lot of time to test Windows 8, to put the desktop operating system through its paces, to make sure that legacy Win32 software runs on it just as well as Windows 7, and to verify that it performs even better than its predecessor and even represents significant value-add.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT