Windows RT version of Microsoft Surface is dead on arrival

2012-Oct-25 | Tags: analysiscompatibilitycriticism

Windows on ARMForget the attractive, four-star hardware. The new Microsoft Surface with Windows RT is a disaster, and I predict Windows RT won't last two years. I'm not talking about Windows 8. The Surface with Windows 8 looks like an excellent (if costly) tablet, especially for businesses. Windows RT is a new OS that looks like Windows 8, but isn't. Bluntly, it runs Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and almost nothing else.

Application depth has always been Windows' strength. Yes, Microsoft Office is the killer app that almost everyone uses. But most people also use a few other apps of their own, whether they're games, business apps or educational software. RT has none of that, and its app library is likely to ramp up slowly because of its small user base. There are currently about 3,000 apps available for Windows RT - fewer than for the BlackBerry Playbook , which isn't exactly a game-changing hit.

Windows on ARM

Internet Explorer can't fill the gap. We've seen "thin client" tablets and PCs come again and again, and fail again and again. Look at the imperceptible sales of Google's Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. People want native apps and they want to be able to use devices when no network is available.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT