Three reasons the Surface RT might not work for business

2012-Oct-18 | Tags: analysisbusinesscompatibilityenterprisesurface-rt

Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablet earlier this year, it looked impressive, but left us with few details. This week, Microsoft invited a select group of tech writers for a closer look behind the curtain, and began taking pre-orders for the device that will be available as of October 26. As anxious as some are to get a hold of the new Windows RT tablet, though, there are a few good reasons businesses might think twice.

At face value, a Windows-based device engineered by Microsoft would seem to be a slam dunk for businesses considering tablets. However, Windows RT is a different animal than Windows 8. It relies strictly on the Modern (formerly known as "Metro") UI with its colorful tiles, and it can only use apps acquired from the Windows Store.

Microsoft Surface RT

In both hardware and software, the Surface RT is a bit closer to rival tablet platforms like iOS and Android, and a bit less like the traditional Windows operating system. Still, it comes with Office apps pre-installed, and it could still be a viable mobile productivity tool for businesses.

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