Microsoft might release a Windows 10 VHDX for Hyper-V on ARM64 PCs

2020-May-21 | Tags: 64bitvirtualwin10

Windows on ARMMicrosoft has been dealing with some limitations with Windows on ARM since the platform was introduced a few years ago. One of those limitations was the lack of Hyper-V support, something that was recently added in Windows Insider Preview builds, although likely won't ship until about a year from now.

There's only one problem though, which is that you actually can't use Hyper-V to create a Windows 10 VM, because there's no ARM64 installation media.

That might be changing though, as was confirmed during the Windows Insider team's webcast today. Microsoft might end up releasing a VHDX that can be used for virtual machines. Of course, the team would only say that it "might" do it, since things that aren't announced rarely get confirmed. But if it happens, it will happen soon.

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