Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge now supports ARM in the Dev channel

2019-Dec-18 | Tags: appscompatibilitygoogle

WinDjView for Windows RTMicrosoft's Chromium-based Edge browser has evolved quite a bit since the company first started testing the browser with Insiders, but one major feature that's been lacking is support for ARM chipsets. After a few months of testing, support for ARM finally landed in the Canary channel a few weeks ago, and now, it's also in the Dev channel.

Native ARM support is very important for browsers because they constantly generate code. Because x86 apps have to go through an emulation layer on ARM-powered devices, this process slows down the performance significantly. Currently, only Edge Legacy and Firefox support ARM devices natively, but the feature is slowly nearing general availability with the new version of Edge. Unfortunately, it won't make it in time for the initial release on January 15.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT