You can now try out Firefox nightlies made for Windows on ARM

2019-Jan-05 | Tags: 64bitappscompatibility

Windows on ARMOne of the biggest challenges Microsoft hindering Microsoft's attempt to make Windows on ARM a reality is the lack of Windows apps designed to run natively on the architecture. That seems to be changing rapidly, however, with the availability of the first pre-release builds for Mozilla's Firefox browser made from the ground up for the ARM64 architecture.

Of course, since this is only a 'nightly' release for Firefox, Mozilla warns users of the potential hiccups they may face when using the software. Indeed, with these being the very early days for the browser on Windows on ARM, Mozilla states that these builds may be even more bug-riddled than their normal nightly releases. They have also not gone through the company's usual string of automated testing processes, so users should be wary of using the browser as their daily driver.

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