Microsoft Working on 64-Bit App Support for Windows 10 ARM

2018-Apr-06 | Tags: 64bitcompatibilitydevelopment

Windows on ARMMicrosoft’s Windows 10 on ARM push has gained a lot of exposure since the late 2016 announcement, and the very first PCs have already been launched, but the software giant still has to deal with one major drawback: the lack of 64-bit apps.

While this is more of a deal-breaker for some, there are users who’re ready for a trade-off given the advantages of a Windows 10 ARM PC, which include stunning battery life that could even reach one week per charge.

And yet, it looks like Microsoft is ready to move one step closer to making no compromises with its Windows 10 ARM platform, as the company plans to take the wraps off an SDK for ARM64 apps at the upcoming Build developer conference.

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