Full Windows 10 (ARM) Finally Up and Running on Windows Phone

2018-Feb-26 | Tags: compatibilityhackerinstallphonesurface-rtwin10

Windows on ARMInstalling Windows RT and Windows 10 ARM on Lumia phones has become a priority for several skilled developers, and after weeks of trying to get this up and running, here’s evidence that at least one such experiment has succeeded.

While I recommend taking this with a pinch of salt, Twitter user @Hikari_Calyx, who has a good track on Microsoft leaks so far, claims Windows 10 (the ARM version supposed to run on Snapdragon chips) has been installed on a Lumia prototype.

Videos that he posted on the social network indeed show the full version of Windows 10 running on the device. As WL notes, this appears to be Nokia Hapanero, an unreleased version of Lumia 950 that was shown by Microsoft at Build 2015.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT