Windows 10 (ARM) on Microsoft’s Lumia Phones Could Soon Be a Thing

2018-Feb-19 | Tags: compatibilityinstallphonewin10

Windows on ARMWith Windows phones no longer having a place in Microsoft’s vision, the loyal userbase that has tried to keep Windows 10 Mobile alive for so long is now looking into alternatives, and one possible way to go could be installing the full Windows 10 version of Lumia phones.

The debut of Windows 10 on ARM opened new doors to skilled developers who were exploring such a possibility, and as it turns out, doing it is not exactly impossible, though it obviously requires a ton of work.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been reporting about a project started by software engineer known on Twitter as @imbushuo, who tried to and managed to install Windows RT on a Lumia 640 XL. Of course, with Windows RT itself a flop, this was just an experiment with no real benefit to the other users, so the focus could soon be switched to installing Windows 10 ARM on Lumia phones.

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