The Windows Phone Disaster Makes Dell Reluctant to Invest in Windows 10 ARM

2018-Feb-14 | Tags: businessdellwin10

Windows on ARMDell is one of Microsoft’s biggest partners, but surprisingly, it’s also one of the companies that decided to stay away from the most ambitious project launched by the software giant this year on the Windows 10 hardware front.

Windows 10 on ARM brings Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets on laptops, offering stunning battery life with little to no compromise in terms of performance. Microsoft is also offering emulation of Win32 software, so the company guarantees that Windows 10 on ARM devices are just as powerful as laptops running full Windows with Intel chipsets.

But as far as Dell is concerned, betting on Windows 10 ARM devices at this point is a risky thing to do, and the failed Windows Phone and Windows RT experiments are cited as living proof every OEM needs to think twice before doing this.

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