A quick tutorial of installing Windows RT 8.1 on recent Lumia

2018-Feb-05 | Tags: hackerhowtoinstallphonesurface-rt

Windows on ARMWhile this project is not totally finished (e.g. No Battery status/charging unknown, no cellular, no audio), I decided to post this thread as many people asked me about the tutorial. This is just a brief tutorial, you need to have plenty of time on this to make this happen. Be careful as some steps are very dangerous.

This tutorial is provided AS-IS, without any implicit or expressed warranties. By reading this brief tutorial, you are agreed that you are taking your own risk trying this. I am not responsible for any possible consequences of installing Windows RT or other non-Windows Phone OS on Lumia phones. If your phone ships with Windows 10 Mobile, then this tutorial might not fit you. You can try drivers from other models, but I have no guarantee on this.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT