Full Windows 10 (ARM) Installed on a Windows Phone Evolves, Has Touch Support

2018-Jan-23 | Tags: compatibilityhackerinstallphonewin10

Windows on ARMMicrosoft abandoned Windows phones, the community didn’t, and here we are checking out unofficial ports of Windows 10 installed on Lumia models.

While Microsoft shows basically no interest in bringing the full Windows 10 version on phones (at least not until the alleged Surface Phone – we hope – sees daylight), the skilled developers in the Windows Phone community want to do that by all means, so the project that puts Windows 10 on ARM on Lumia evolves remarkably fast.

As we reported last week, Windows 10 on ARM was already installed on Windows phones, but the whole experience got stuck with a number of errors that prevented the operating system from booting.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT