Windows 10 on Snapdragon isn’t answering the right questions

2017-Dec-26 | Tags: analysisqualcommwin10

Windows on ARMMicrosoft just recently revealed its play on the ARM platform that has Windows fans both excited and skeptical. On the one hand, it is a return of the operating system to a CPU platform that is hailed for its battery longevity, thermal management, and performance efficiency. On the other hand, it may feel like deja vu.

Things do seem to be better this time, with both software and hardware set in place. But Microsoft might be kidding itself if it expect everything to be different and be successful. Because if Microsoft hasn’t learned from its past, it is bound to repeat it. And like the boy who cried wolf, there might not be a next time.

This is hardly Microsoft’s first romance with ARM. Not counting the ancient Windows CE, the latest one is still fresh in the tech world’s memory, and not for good reasons. That was Windows RT, which was, to some extent, the ARM counterpart of Windows 8, which wasn’t also received positively in general.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT