What’s the benefit of Windows on ARM for the Enterprise?

2017-Dec-11 | Tags: analysisenterprisewin10

Windows on ARMLast week, I was at the Snapdragon Summit in Maui where the company announced several new products including a few laptops that run Windows that are based on an ARM processor. The devices, one by ASUS and the other by HP, are a glimpse into the future of computing but both the vendors and Microsoft have a lot of work ahead of them.

The benefit of an ARM-based piece of hardware has multiple fronts including better battery life, LTE connection, and it’s not strapped down by legacy infrastructure (more on this point later). With Qualcomm (the maker of Snapdragon chips) boasting that these devices get up to 20hrs of battery life and 30 days of standby time, take this with a grain of salt until we get our hands on these devices outside of controlled environments, the future does sound promising.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT