Windows 10 on ARM bits show up on Microsoft servers

2017-Sep-12 | Tags: 64bitserverupdate

Windows on ARMWindows 10 on ARM devices are set to launch later this year, potentially in time for the holidays. A recent build of Windows 10 had a number of files related to Windows 10 on ARM (ARM64), and it seems like Microsoft has already started uploading ARM64 builds of Windows 10 for Windows Update.

A number of files for Windows 10 ARM64 build 16281 are now available for download from the Windows Update servers, as noticed by a member of the My Digital Life forums. The ARM64 files also seem to be available for different SKUs such as Windows 10 S (aka Cloud), Enterprise, Pro, and more. These builds aren’t the regular ISOs that you can simply download and install, but they are instead files used by the Unified Update Platform (UUP) on Windows 10. As a result, you will need to combine all the different UUP files in order to actually make the full ISO. These files also suggest that Windows 10 on ARM devices will be supported by the Windows Insider program, just like any other Windows 10 PCs.

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