Microsoft video shows Windows on ARM running full Windows 10 and x86 apps

2017-May-12 | Tags: compatibilityqualcommwin10x86

Windows on ARMMicrosoft, in conjunction with Qualcomm, announced its intentions last December to bring full Windows 10 and x86 apps to mobile devices running on ARM processors, a feature that was expected to make its debut in the Redstone 3 update (officially titled the Fall Creators Update). Coming through on its promise, the Redmond giant showed off Windows on ARM at its Build developer conference today.

The video shows two Microsoft employees going over the implementation of Windows 10 on ARM, as well as the process for installing x86 apps on a mobile device. As they demo in the video, users will not only be able to install x86 apps ported to the Windows Store using the Desktop Bridge, but also external apps that you may simply download from the internet. This means users would have the entire x86 library of millions of applications available on their mobile phone without any modifications required on the part of the developer. They will simply work, as is shown via archiving application 7zip. UWP apps found on the Store will also be supported without any input from the developer.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT