You can make Windows 10 act like Windows RT with the Creators Update

2017-Feb-27 | Tags: appscompatibilityupdatewin10

Windows on ARMIf Windows RT was known for one thing, it was for being locked to the Windows Store for all your apps and games. This in turn essentially killed Windows RT right out of the gate, as the Windows Store was lacking in apps from top developers.

Over the last few weeks, reports of a Windows 10 "Cloud" edition that's locked to the Windows Store for all your apps have been making the rounds on the web, but it appears that new edition of Windows 10 won't be the only edition that's locked to the Store.

Starting with the Creators Update, anyone, no matter the edition of Windows 10, can enable the same lock forcing the user to use the Windows Store when downloading apps and games, essentially turning your Windows 10 install into Windows RT, just without all the architectural limitations.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT