Windows 10 Cloud brings Windows RT back from the dead, sort of

2017-Jan-30 | Tags: analysisrumorwin10

Windows on ARMWindows 10 Cloud is a new edition of Windows 10 that showed up for the first time in one of the recent Insider Builds released for the operating system.

Microsoft did not provide any information back when Windows 10 Cloud appeared, and has not until today. The rumor mill was in full swing though immediately. Suggestions ranged from a cloud-based operating system, a new subscription-based version of Windows similar to Office365, to something completely different.

Microsoft has yet to make an official statement, but according to Mary Jo Foley, Windows 10 Cloud is what Windows RT was for previous versions of Windows.

She cites unnamed sources who told here that Windows 10 Cloud will only be able to run Unified Windows Platform applications.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT