Windows 10 Anniversary Update Now Available for Raspberry Pi 3

2016-Aug-08 | Tags: freeupdatewin10

Windows on ARMMicrosoft has announced that Windows 10 IoT Core is now available with the Anniversary Update, which brings a long list of improvements, new features, and support for more devices and apps.

First and foremost, the most notable change is that, with the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 IoT Core is now officially available for the Raspberry Pi 3, providing a super simple getting started experience, as well as functional parity with Raspberry Pi 2.

The slimmed-down version of Windows 10 specifically created for development boards also works on Dragonboard 410c and Minnowboard Max, and thanks to the Anniversary Update, it gets support for NOOBS 8GB cards, shell capabilities, Arduino INO integration, and support for the Windows Store, which allows Windows 10 IoT Core to connect to the store and service applications.

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