What's new and improved on the Windows 10 Start Menu on Windows RT 8.1

2015-Sep-19 | Tags: updatewin10

Windows on ARMLate yesterday Microsoft pushed several optional updates to devices running Windows RT 8.1 and one of those updates, KB3033055, is what delivered the Windows 10 style Start Menu to those still on Windows RT 8.1 devices.

This update was being referred to as Update 3 for Windows RT 8.1 by several sites including us but that is not the term Microsoft is using for it. The title of the knowledge base article indicates it will simply be referred to as Update for Windows RT 8.1 feature improvement.

Microsoft had previously confirmed that Windows RT devices would get some form of an update relating to Windows 10 but there were not a lot of details available at that time except for the speculation that the new Start Menu would be incorporated somehow.

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