Windows 10 hits the Raspberry Pi 2 to shape the future of IoT

2015-May-01 | Tags: analysis

Windows on ARMMICROSOFT HAS FINALLY launched Windows 10 for the Raspberri Pi 2 in the form of the IoT Core Insider developer preview. While Microsoft warned that the software is pretty rough around the edges, it is touted to give makers "the opportunity to play with the software bits early" to get feedback on how well it works.

The second iteration of the Raspberry Pi was unveiled earlier this year, offering substantial increases in performance over previous versions.

Boasting double the amount of RAM at 1GB and an updated quad-core ARMv7 900MHz processor, it features expanded GPIO pins and advanced power management and connectivity, making it possible to connect up to four USB devices, including powered devices such as hard drives.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT