Windows RT: Did it really die? Absolutely not and here's why

2015-Apr-08 | Tags: analysiskillphone

Windows on ARMThere's no need to ask for a show of hands. To get a sense of how long the Windows RT hate-train is, you can just spend a few minutes Googling. A few weeks ago when Microsoft let loose that official Windows RT devices, like the Surface 2, were not getting Windows 10 in any proper shape, the anti-RT chorus cheered that they have been finally vindicated.

Stories like this one which adorned The Verge planted their flags pretty clearly: "Windows RT is officially dead".

Admittedly, I've been one of the few lone champions of the intriguing slimmed-down OS this side of the interwebs. I outlined my favorable position on Windows RT in a lengthy op/ed about one year ago, hitting on numerous aspects of why RT (and Windows on ARM, in general) is a fantastic idea that has been sputtering due to execution, not capability.

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