Windows RT is Dead, But Microsoft Hasn't Learned

2015-Mar-18 | Tags: analysiskillupdate

Windows on ARMWindows RT is dead, according to a Microsoft slide shown on today. It will not receive updates. It has no upgrade path, although it may get a few consolation features. It was a bad idea in the first place. And now, Microsoft may be making the same mistake again with Windows 10.

Names and stories matter; they tell you what things are. Windows RT, a variant of Windows 8 designed to run on ARM-based tablets using chips from the likes of Qualcomm and Nvidia, was doomed because of a bad name and a bad story. Crammed in between Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, RT ran a subset of desktop Windows applications that were distributed through the Windows app store. Most notably, it had a full copy of Microsoft Office relatively early for low-cost tablets.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT