Free Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2: Smart but Desperate Move to Attract Devs

2015-Feb-03 | Tags: analysisfree

Windows on ARMMicrosoft announced yesterday that Windows 10 would be offered free of charge to buyers of the Raspberry Pi 2, a new version of the device that will launch later this year for only $35 (€30). This way, the Redmond-based software firm basically contributes to the creation of the world's most affordable PC, while also reiterating its efforts to invest more in the IoT field.

But analyst Daniel Ives of FBR Capital Markets believes that this new promo is just another sign that Microsoft is desperate to attract more developers to its side, as the company has failed to do so ever since the new Windows 8 was officially introduced in October 2012.

"This speaks to the pressing need for Microsoft to court the developer community especially as the company is putting so many of their eggs in the Windows 10 basket," he was quoted as saying by TheStreet.

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