Windows RT Becomes the New Vista: Microsoft Kills Last Nokia Tablet Running It

2015-Feb-03 | Tags: killnokiatablet

Windows on ARMWindows Vista is pretty much known as Microsoft's biggest flop in the operating system industry, but it appears that another product is very likely to get the same nickname anytime soon. - Windows RT, which was launched in October 2012 on the Surface RT, is very likely to be dropped in the near future, as Microsoft officially canceled the Lumia 2520 tablet running it.

Here's the story so far. - Windows RT's performance has always been below expectations, and even though it was available on two different Microsoft tablets, namely Surface RT and Surface RT, the operating system was often criticized by users and experts alike for promising a similar Windows experience, but offering a very limited one because of the lack of x86 and x64 app support.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT