Why Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2? Upton: 'I drank the Kool-Aid'

2015-Feb-02 | Tags: analysisopinion

Windows on ARMInterview Today Microsoft and Raspberry Pi announced that Windows 10 will run on the new Pi 2. But why? The Register spoke to Pi founder and CEO Eben Upton. “We’ve had people queuing up and saying they want Windows, the whole time,” says Upton. “I think there’s a sense that 'you’re a real PC' if you run Windows.”

Porting Windows is now possible because of Microsoft’s work on Windows RT for devices like the original Surface, which runs ARM v7. Previous releases of the Pi run ARM v6, but P i2 is also ARM v7.

“It’s two versions of the ARM instruction set and architecture,” says Upton. “There hasn’t been Windows for ARM v6 for a very long time. There was no real appetite to port the Windows kernel to a whole new architecture just to get Raspberry Pi.

“In terms of whether we approached Microsoft, or Microsoft approached us, I don’t think it was either, I think it was a conversation in a bar,” he adds. “We’ve had a very good relationship with them for a long time, and it was just, we can do this now with ARM v7, let’s do it.”

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