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  • Windows on ARMSummary: Nearly a month after its initial release, Windows RT still has no official support policy. But Microsoft has declared its support lifecycle for the Surface hardware powered by Windows RT.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft is no longer just a software company, it's a devices and services firm that does a lot more than advanced software solutions. The world renowned Windows creator has slowly migrated towards a completely different approach, one that seems to be the only viable solution to remain profitable in a world that's no longer focused on software exclusively.

  • Windows on ARMEverything great also comes with issues and problems. Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet despite coming with best specs has many issues to sort out - We already know that the Surface RT tablet has issues. The question is: how many? Just some weeks back users were reporting a strange muting effect on the Surface audio. It would go on and off on its own, there were also some jagged noises. Then there was the keyboard issue. The custom made touch cover was showing splits at the seams.

  • Windows on ARMIt was only a matter of time before Microsoft got into a legal debacle with the new lineup of products that it has recently launched. Andrew Sokolowski, a California-based lawyer is suing Microsoft for misleading the public with respect to the free space available on the 32GB version of the Surface RT tablet.

  • Windows on ARMDon't expect HP to have a change of heart about building Windows RT devices anytime soon. Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group, said he's "not a big [Windows] RT fan" in an interview with CITEworld.

  • Windows on ARMEven before Microsoft's Surface RT came out lots of people were disappointed and curious as to why Microsoft chose such a small resolution for their Windows RT flagship device. The Surface RT tablet comes with only 1366x768 pixels which is actually the minimum requirement for Windows 8 machines in order for them to use the snap feature.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft Surface owners are discovering that despite an advertised 32GB capacity, they only have room for 16GB of files on their new devices. We took a closer look at the reasons for the disparity, and how Windows RT compares to both iOS and Android in the same respect.

  • Windows on ARMI've just started at a new company, and it's been a busy few weeks. Yet I've already had a lot of experiences on my new Surface RT. I'd read my share of Surface RT reviews before mine arrived – and the world doesn't need another Surface RT review, so I'll take you on a quick run-through of my thoughts to date.

  • Windows on ARMIt's been over a week since the Windows 8 launch in New York, and that means it's been 12 days since I bought a 64GB Surface RT device with a Touch Cover in Microsoft's Times Square pop-up store.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: I love the Microsoft Surface RT hardware, but was thinking a return was imminent. I then took a two day trip without a laptop and am convinced there is a real place in my mobile arsenal for the Surface RT.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft has already launched the Surface tablet and, just as we told you a few hours ago, long-time partners aren't quite pleased with the Redmondians' efforts in the hardware sector. Sadly for some companies, the Surface RT was much more than an appealing product, it was actually a tablet that destroyed their business.

  • Windows on ARMWill and Norm give a thorough review of Microsoft's new tablet, the Surface. We show you the good and the bad of this Windows RT tablet, from its notable hardware characteristics, unique usability, and software shortcomings.

  • Windows on ARMWhile Internet Explorer 10 may be a big improvement in performance compared to previous versions of Microsoft's web browser, that may not be case when it comes to IE10 running on Microsoft's Windows RT version of Surface.

  • Windows on ARMAs my colleague Tim Conneally recently reported, Microsoft Surface with Windows RT does not allow users to take advantage of the total amount of advertised storage. On Reddit Ricardo Lopez, Test Manager for Surface RT, announced that customers can still take advantage of more than 20GB of free space, but the Redmond, Wash.-based corporation begs to differ.

  • Windows on ARMComputerworld - Microsoft has confirmed what many had suspected, that it didn't offer a 16GB Surface RT tablet because there would have been virtually no room for customer content on the device.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: Will your current mice, keyboards, printers and other peripherals work with PCs and tablets running Windows RT? Here's a site that offers some answers.

  • Windows on ARMRemoteApps aren't a new feature in Windows 8, they've actually been around since Windows Vista. RemoteApps are similar to Remote Desktop sessions, but instead of the entire remote experience in a single full-screen window, individual application windows are displayed on the remote machine. RemoteApp windows live on the same desktop and can be used alongside of local desktop apps.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: Microsoft's Surface RT is a new device and comes with a new UI and gestures, many of which are not intuitive. I found many helpful gestures and keyboard shortcuts and hope this guide helps relieve some frustrations.

  • Windows on ARMWhile some may take exception with my criticisms of Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT devices, one complaint is unassailable: The magnetic plug on the power supply doesn't work properly. And if you don't pay attention carefully when you make the connection, you may find yourself without battery power. Don't be a statistic: Here's how you can be sure you did it right.

  • Windows on ARMExpandable storage is a wonderful thing, but its implementation can sometimes leave something to be desired. Take Windows 8, for instance -- its photo, movie and music apps leverage Windows libraries to access users' media collections, but won't allow users to include removable storage in the app-accessed party of indexed folders. Sure, you can keep all your media on one device, but half it will need to be accessed in a slightly roundabout way.

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