• Windows on ARMTom Warren takes a close-up look at Microsoft's new Surface 2 tablet running Windows 8.1 RT.

  • Windows on ARMWindows RT is still hanging in there, even though the number of ARM-based devices available with it doesn't exactly seen to be growing.

  • Windows on ARMIn December, a Nokia employee named Justin Angel wrote a post on his personal blog that claimed he found a way to turn the free trial versions of Windows 8 Modern apps into their full versions without paying for them. This week, Angel is back again, this time with a new post that claims he has found what could be new features in Microsoft's upcoming free Windows 8.1 update.

  • Windows on ARMThe Lenovo Yoga 11 takes the concept of "notebook & tablet in one" and turns it upside down!

  • Windows on ARMWindows RT: unholy fondleslab abomination or clever integration of a grown-up desktop and touch-friendly tablet UI? Opinions veer wildly and violently between one and the other extreme.

  • Windows on ARMIn a world that's increasingly dominated by tablets, Microsoft, whose fortune is intertwined with desktops and laptops, needed to prevent its customers from leaving in droves. After a few years in a Redmond laboratory, Windows 8 and Surface RT were born -- but not everything was well in the brave new world the company had created.

  • Windows on ARMDell's XPS 10 is a hybrid Windows RT tablet that can be combined with an optional keyboard dock, effectively turning it into a netbook or mini laptop, and doubling the battery life at the same time.

  • Windows on ARMLenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 13 has done its bit to revitalise the appeal of Windows 8, and now its pint-sized sibling, the Yoga 11, is ready to work that magic on Windows RT. With the same ingenious double-jointed design shrunk down to an 11.6in chassis, the Lenovo Yoga 11 is the most intriguing Windows RT device we've seen so far.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft set the standard for Windows RT-based hardware, but is there still room for partners to sell compelling alternatives? We take our first Qualcomm-powered Windows RT tablet for a spin to determine if Samsung's ATIV Tab is worth waiting for.

  • Windows on ARMUntil now, I've concentrated on features of the Windows Surface RT that ease the transition from desktop Windows 7 to the new Windows 8. These include Office; the desktop; programs like Internet Explorer, NotePad, and Paint; and the Ease of Access features. Now that I've had the Surface for over a month, it's time to look at the new Windows 8 apps that I use regularly. Let's start with the new Start screen browser.

  • Windows on ARMA couple of months ago I wrote a blog post based on my first 48 hours with a Microsoft Surface tablet. I have to say, I was really surprised by the volume of e-mail that I received in response to that blog post. My mailbox was flooded with messages from people who either agreed with something I said, completely disagreed with me or had more questions about the tablet.

  • Windows on ARMWe haven't seen too many Windows RT tablets on the market–the Surface and the ASUS VivoTab RT are the two most notable–but Dell entered the fray with the XPS 10, a $499 tablet that uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

  • Windows on ARMI remember writing Intel and telling them that, from a tablet perspective, the Windows 8 launch might as well have been a Windows RT launch. By the time October 23rd rolled around, the only Windows tablets we had in for review were ARM based and running Windows RT. I even resorted to borrowing an unfinished Clover Trail tablet just so we'd have something to put Surface RT's performance in perspective at launch.

  • Windows on ARMWhile the iPad has certain ecosystem advantages over the recently-released Surface with Windows RT, Microsoft's entry does of course edge out the Apple device in some key areas as well. For Surface, a big advantage is that it runs Windows RT, a version of Windows that retains the best of the past while providing the foundation for the future.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft is no longer just a software company, it's a devices and services firm that does a lot more than advanced software solutions. The world renowned Windows creator has slowly migrated towards a completely different approach, one that seems to be the only viable solution to remain profitable in a world that's no longer focused on software exclusively.

  • Windows on ARMThe ASUS Transformer Prime is arguably the most enticing and desired  10-inch Android tablet. It is also the most functional when mated with its keyboard dock that turns it into a decent notebook. ASUS applied the same approach to the incredibly slim and compact VivoTab RT tablet to give Microsoft's own Surface a run for its money.

  • Windows on ARMWhile the iPad has certain ecosystem advantages over the recently-released Surface with Windows RT, Microsoft's entry does of course edge out the Apple device in some key areas as well. And if you're actually trying to get work done, the ability to easily task switch on the Surface—using any input method, not just touch—is a huge advantage over the iPad.

  • Windows on ARMI've just started at a new company, and it's been a busy few weeks. Yet I've already had a lot of experiences on my new Surface RT. I'd read my share of Surface RT reviews before mine arrived – and the world doesn't need another Surface RT review, so I'll take you on a quick run-through of my thoughts to date.

  • Windows on ARMWill and Norm give a thorough review of Microsoft's new tablet, the Surface. We show you the good and the bad of this Windows RT tablet, from its notable hardware characteristics, unique usability, and software shortcomings.

  • Windows on ARMBill Detwiler shows you how to disassemble Microsoft's first Windows 8 tablet, the Surface for Windows RT.

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