Microsoft has stopped making the Surface 2 tablet, spelling trouble for Windows RT

2015-Jan-28 | Tags: surface-2

Windows on ARMMicrosoft’s Windows RT-powered Surface 2 tablet may not be officially dead, but the executioner is sharpening his axe. Microsoft confirmed Tuesday that the Surface 2 is no longer being manufactured, meaning that, at least at Microsoft, no Windows RT tablets are being made.

That doesn’t mean that either the Surface or Surface 2, or Windows RT, won't be supported at Microsoft. Microsoft executives said last week that the Surface 2 would receive an update that would bring at least some of the features of the upcoming Windows 10 release to the platform. But clearly, the end is nigh.

A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that Microsoft has stopped manufacturing the Surface, a day after the company sold out of the Surface 2 tablet at its online store.

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