Windows RT tablets won’t run Windows 10

2015-Jan-22 | Tags: analysistablet

Windows on ARMMicrosoft has no plans to bring its Windows 10 software to tablets running Windows RT. That means the Surface 2, Surface RT, Nokia Lumia 2520, and a handful of other tablets with ARM-based chips and Windows software won’t get all the fancy new Windows 10 features coming to Windows phones and x86-based PCs.

But Microsoft isn’t quite pulling the plug on Windows RT. The company tells CNET and The Verge that it does plan to release software updates that will bring some Windows 10 features to its Surface tablets.

Windows RT was Microsoft’s first attempt to bring Windows to tablets with ARM-based processors. It looks just like Windows for devices with Intel or AMD processors, but it lacks the ability to run classic desktop apps written for x86 processors, sometimes referred to as Win32 apps.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT