The mysterious disappearance of the 8-inch Surface mini

2014-May-22 | Tags: surface-mini

Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft's Surface event, held today in New York City, was first announced, the widespread expectation was that the company would be launching a Surface mini with an 8-inch screen and a Qualcomm ARM processor. What we got instead was a new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 with an Intel Haswell processor. The mini device, which just a few weeks ago was felt by many to be a certainty, was nowhere to be seen.

Bloomberg is reporting that, according to "people with knowledge of the decision," the Surface mini was postponed at the last minute by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Vice President Stephen Elop. The report says that the product wasn't sufficiently differentiated from rivals and so "probably wouldn't be a hit." It's worth noting that Bloomberg was one of the early proponents of the Surface mini theory, two weeks ago writing that the device would be released today "according to people with knowledge of [Microsoft's] plans."

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