Microsoft Surface RT 32GB Now Available for $199 (€142)

2014-May-07 | Tags: surface-rt

Windows on ARMMicrosoft's Surface RT, which is actually the first tablet in the company's history, is now available at a very special price in a number of specialty stores across the United States. The Surface RT with 32 GB of storage space will be available for as low as $199 (142 euros) in new specialty stores that will open this month, according to a new report by WinBeta, while Dell's Venue Pro 8-inch tablet will retail for only $99 (71 euros).

It appears that the promo will debut sometime this month and will run as long as supplies last, so in case you're planning to purchase a Surface RT tablet at this special price, you clearly need to hurry up a little bit to make sure that you grab one while you still can.

Here are the new specialty stores that will open this month and sell the Surface RT at this discounted price: Alpharetta, GA, Thousand Oaks, CA, Tucson, AZ, Des Moines, IA, Broomfield, CO, San Antonio, TX, Omaha, NE, Columbia, MD, South Portland, ME, Baton Rouge, LA, and Boise, ID.

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