Microsoft Surface Mini Running Windows RT 8.1 Update to Launch in May – Report

2014-Apr-25 | Tags: surface-2surface-mini

Windows on ARMThis isn't the first time we're hearing that Microsoft is working on a new Surface version, but it appears that the company has finally completed development and is now getting ready to publicly launch the device. The so-called Surface Mini, a smaller version of the Surface tablet, could be revealed on May 18, according to some photos published on by Vostrostone (VSTN), an electronics wholesaler.

While one of the pictures included in the product listing is actually showing a Lenovo tablet that's already on sale, another photo reportedly reveals a case designed for the Surface Mini which also protects the keyboard.

Not much is known about the Surface Mini at this point, but it's believed that Microsoft is pondering an 8-inch display and a digitizing pen that would more or less make the tablet a note-taking device.

The Surface Mini would obviously come with Windows RT 8.1 Update, the latest version of Microsoft's operating system aimed at ARM devices as according to some rumors, the upcoming tablet is very likely to rely on an ARM processor.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT