Surface 2 Review: Does Windows RT Still Suck?

2014-Mar-25 | Tags: reviewsurface-2

Windows on ARMMicrosoft is desperate to gain footing lost to Apple and Android in the tablet market. And so it should be, too. The tablet market is projected to grow as quickly over the next five years as the smartphone market grew from 2007 to 2013. The company’s latest salvo into the battle is the Surface 2 – part tablet, part (with the optional keyboard) laptop. So how does it fare? Read on to find out.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first picked up the Surface 2. It felt both sturdy and comfortable in my hands with a nice weight that seemed to infuse it with a sense of strength. “If only Apple could make the MacBook Air I use like this,” I thought. Then of course I remembered that the Surface 2 isn’t a laptop – well, not really anyway… it’s primarily meant to be a tablet, a consumer device aimed at iPad/Android users looking for something “a little bit different”.

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