Microsoft Surface 2 Review: Specs Of Windows RT 8.1-Powered Tablet Incl. Hi-Res Display, High-Quality Camera & Free Office 2013

2014-Jan-02 | Tags: reviewsurface-2

Windows on ARMMicrosoft Surface 2 review, specs: The Windows RT 8.1-powered tablet from the Redmond tech giant has some impressive specs and though one tech review site didn’t give it a high nod, both the 32GB entry-level variant and 64GB version of the device is out of stock as of press time.

According to CNET the Microsoft Surface 2 has a sturdy build and high-quality camera. It also comes with a free Office 2013 ($139 value) and is easier to use than before. The tablet has built-in photo-editing tools and Xbox Music are fantastic features.

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