Nokia Lumia 2520 review - the best Windows RT tablet yet... fancy a tablet that's different?

2013-Dec-03 | Tags: nokiareviewtablet

Windows on ARMThe Lumia 2520 is a 10.1in tablet that runs Windows RT and, in fact, it is our favourite Windows RT tablet yet. Find out why in PC Advisor's Nokia Lumia 2520 review.

Rounding out Nokia's every burgeoning of colourful portable slabs is the Lumia 2520. This takes the range up from the Lumia 520's 4in display through the increasingly large displays of handsets such as the 720, 925 and 1020, to this device: not a Windows Phone 8 handset but a 10.1 tablet running Windows RT 8.1. It's Nokia's first foray into the tablet world, and its first RT device, but don't expect it to be the last. Nokia told us it is committed to the tablet world.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT