Nokia Lumia 2520 First Impressions and Photos

2013-Nov-21 | Tags: nokiareviewtablet

Windows on ARMEver since Nokia disrupted the Windows Phone world with its best-selling Lumia handsets, we've wondered: Will the company ever make a Windows tablet? As it turns out, yes. This week, Nokia ships its first tablet, the Windows RT 8.1-based Lumia 2520. And if you're a fan of Nokia's phones, this device should prove most interesting as well.

I've only had a loaner Lumia 2520 for a few days, so my review will need to wait. In the meantime, I can tell you that in evaluating this device, I'll be paying particular attention to how it matches up with the Surface 2.

Here's what I can say so far.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT