The Microsoft Surface 2: Thoughts After One Month

2013-Nov-20 | Tags: 81analysissurface-2tablet

Windows on ARMI’ve now spent a month with the Microsoft Surface 2 and I consider it time well spent. The Surface 2 is by no means a perfect machine and I would still label it a work in progress. I stand by my initial thinking that the Surface 2 is a very good next step for Microsoft and a very good improvement over the disastrous first version in almost every respect.

That’s comparing this year’s model to last year’s model. Most consumers won’t be doing that kind of comparison. For them, the Surface 2, depending on their needs, offers a legitimate Windows Tablet experience. I have no idea what a legitimate Windows Tablet experience really is, but then I don’t think anyone at Microsoft does either. Microsoft might have erased RT off of the name of the Tablet, but it hasn’t erased it or changed it from the OS version of Windows 8.1 that it runs. If there are problems with the Surface 2, they exist in a still confused approach as to how this device should work. More on that later.

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