Surface 2: Thinking different about my device experience

2013-Nov-01 | Tags: reviewsurface-2surface-rtversus

Windows on ARMI admit it. I was one of those crazies who stood in line to buy a first-generation Surface RT in the first hour it was available. And I did so without having had a chance to test drive a device for more than a few minutes beforehand.

This time around (given the fact I was moved from the "banned" to the "approved" Surface tester list) I decided to wait to decide whether to buy the Surface 2 until I had a chance to test Microsoft's second version of its ARM tablet.

After using a Surface 2 tablet loaned to me by Microsoft for the past week, I've come to realize that many of the features I like about it have nothing to do with the new core device itself.

Yes, the new Tegra 4 ARM chip, a step up from the current Surface RT's Tegra 3 core, allows apps and Web sites to open more quickly. And the new higher-resolution screen makes colors really pop...

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