Hands-On First Look: Nokia Lumia 2520, The 10.1-Inch Windows RT 8.1 Full HD Tablet With LTE

2013-Oct-23 | Tags: nokiareviewtablet

Windows on ARMSo, Nokia has decided to jump into the tablet segment by officially unveiling the brand new Nokia Lumia 2520 as part of its multiple devices announcement over at Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi yesterday. It is indeed one odd device due to the fact that it is running on Windows RT which is not popular among consumers, frankly speaking.

Anyway, let’s save that fact for another story on another day. For this round, let’s take a closer look into the device which Nokia’s latest submission into the highly competitive tablet world.

As the name implies, the general design of Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet seems like a fitting match to the Lumia Windows Phone devices. The tablet which features a thin and rounded edges does not feel slippery at all and actually quite comfortable to hold even for glossy colourways such as red and white. Clearly, Nokia’s command over industrial design is certainly at work here once again.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT