Microsoft Surface 2 review: a second chance for Windows RT?

2013-Oct-21 | Tags: reviewsurface-2

Windows on ARMWe get the sense Microsoft wants to distance itself from the original Surface RT. After taking a $900 million hit on unsold inventory, the company held a press event where it saved the Surface 2 for last and billed it as a major redesign.

"Surface 2 is not subtle, but a revamp," Surface GM Panos Panay said that day. "It is not the simple changes that everybody wants, but it's the changes people need." Those changes include a thinner, lighter body; a sharper 1080p screen; a faster Tegra 4 processor; an improved webcam that fares better in low light; and a dual-stage kickstand that makes it more comfortable to use in the lap. It even looks different: The Surface now comes in silver, not black, so that you'll never mistake it for the original.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT