Microsoft Surface Mini to arrive in 2014, powered by ARM architecture?

2013-Sep-26 | Tags: rumorsurface-mini

Windows on ARMThe rumour mill is still churning with speculation that Microsoft will launch a "mini" version of its Surface Windows tablets. According to a report over on ZDNet, we could well be seeing the product launch in early 2014. Microsoft has recently announced its second generation of Surface tablets, so what could we be looking forward to regarding a smaller form factor?

It's believed the Surface Mini will be powered by ARM, thus will be running Windows RT. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans say the Surface Mini is indeed on its way, but won't be with us anytime this year. As noted above, we should be looking at a 2014 launch alongside a Windows 8.1 update, codenamed "Spring 2014 GDR" (General Distribution Releases - similar to the updates we're seeing for Windows Phone).

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT