Microsoft's Surface 2: New reports on Surface RT's successor

2013-Sep-10 | Tags: nokiasurface-rt

Windows on ARMMicrosoft is readying not one, but two new Surfaces for this holiday season. The Haswell-based Surface 2 Pro is the successor to the Surface Pro, according to sourced reports. And the NVIDIA Tegra 4-based Surface 2 is the successor to Surface RT, according to new leaks from Neowin.Net and the Windows SuperSite on September 9.

The Surface 2 runs on ARM, just like the Surface RT, and thus runs the Windows RT operating system. (It will be the Windows 8.1 RT variant, sources have said.)

Otherwise, the 10.6-inch Surface 2 will look almost identical to the current 10.6-inch Surface RT. It will use the same VaporMg case and work with the current Surface Touch and Type keyboard/covers, as well as some of the coming, new Touch and Type ones. (Surface 2 isn't expected to work with the rumored Power Cover, however.)

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT