Surface RT 2: Tegra 4, 1080P screen, and more

2013-Sep-09 | Tags: nvidiasurface-rttablet

Windows on ARMOver the past few days, Neowin has been able to uncover many of Microsoft’s upcoming plans for its Surface products. These plans include the specs for the Surface 2, a new battery powered cover, called the Power Cover, and a new dock for the Pro line of Surfaces.

Microsoft has other products in the works besides these devices including a rumored Surface Mini and, of course, the Surface RT. In this post, we will shine a bit of light on Microsoft's upcoming Surface RT 2 plans.

The story of the Surface RT is a bit complex as Microsoft introduced the RT with the general availability of Windows 8 but since its introduction, the tablet has not been selling all that well in the market. This was likely because the device was priced too high and to make the product more appealing to consumers, the company slashed the priced by $150.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT