Thinking About Surface 2

2013-Sep-01 | Tags: opinionsurface-rt

Windows on ARMWith Microsoft making its promotional price cuts for Surface RT and Surface Pro permanent, many are asking me whether now is the time to buy. The answer of course, is no. The more pertinent question is whether a coming second generation of Surface devices, which we will refer to as Surface 2, will change this equation at all. Now, that is a good question.

First, the basics. The Surface 2 line-up will be exactly what you think it is, a Haswell-based version of the current Surface Pro and a TEGRA4-base version of the Surface RT. The Surface Pro 2 can be expected to provide better battery life and perhaps make the unacceptable (4.5ish hours of battery life in the original Surface Pro perhaps tolerable (7ish hours). As for Surface RT's replacement, Surface 2, the only real problem new hardware can solve is performance, and we'll see how that goes; I can say that this new device won't change the already-excellent battery life of its predecessor, and of course the issues with the Windows RT ecosystem are still legion.

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