After a 900 million write down, Microsoft is building a Surface RT 2

2013-Aug-26 | Tags: analysissurface-rt

Windows on ARMWhen the Surface RT launched back in October, it represented a new direction for Microsoft as the platform was running on an ARM processor. By using an alternative CPU, this opened up the possibilities for other vendors to supply the chips that power Microsoft devices. But, with sales not lining up to expectations, Microsoft was forced to write-down the current Surface RT inventory by $900 million and lowered the price of the Surface to help move units.

Couple the write-down with an aggressive advertisement campaign; you would expect that more RT units would by coming off the shelves and into consumer hands. But, until Microsoft gives us more information about sales of the RT tablets, we can only take at face value what the market shows and at this time, the $900 million write-down speaks for itself.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT