Lenovo drops Yoga 11 hybrid with Windows RT from its online sales

2013-Jul-17 | Tags: businesslenovo

Windows on ARMLenovo has discontinued sales on its website of the Yoga 11 convertible PC with the Windows RT operating system. Analysts say this is a sign of PC makers moving away from their commitment to the struggling OS.

A page on Lenovo’s website stated the Yoga 11 is no longer being sold through its website, but said consumers “may still buy this product from a Lenovo retailer or reseller.”

The Yoga 11 (shown above) is still for sale by a few retailers such as TigerDirect, which is selling the device for $495. The device is not being sold by Best Buy, which instead sells the Yoga 11S, a hybrid released earlier this year that uses the Windows 8 operating system powered by an Intel Core processor.

The Yoga 11 hybrid was one of the handful of computers running Microsoft’s Windows RT, which is designed for tablets. The Yoga 11’s dual functionality allowed it to serve as a laptop, and also a tablet when the screen was folded up.

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